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I’m Nadee - web developer and tech enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia. This is my personal website. I am a father, husband, brother and son - moved to Australia from Sri Lanka about a decade ago.

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I am a frontend developer at Telstra - uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create web user experiences. I also enjoy performance analysis, experience optimisation and web accessibility.

I have always been passionate about digital design, programming and computer hardware. Most topics in science and technology pique my curiosity too. I consider lucky to be part of the technology revolution that's ubiquitous in our civilisation.

In a previous life, I was a UI designer and part-time lecturer. I learnt that teaching others can be very satisfying and make one appreciate benefits of patience among other things. I also take photographs when I'm out and about and do digital design for family and friends.

Thanks for stopping by! ආයුබෝවන් 🙏🏻